Online Registration (PAN/VAT/EXCISE)

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PAN Registration

All businesses in Nepal are required to obtain a PAN registration certificate from Inland Revenue Office (IRO) before coming into operation. The law of Nepal mandates PAN registration, therefore, it is crucial to understand PAN and the process of obtaining PAN.

The documents required to be submitted at Office of Inland Revenue includes:

Copy of your citizenship certificate. For foreigners, any other authentic identification document.

Copy of the company registration certificate (if applicable).

Two identical passport size photos of the person who signs the application form. For Partnership Firms, two identical size photos of each partner.

Proof of deposit, if requested by your Inland Revenue Office (foreigners only).

Sketched map of the location of your main office or head office.

Rental agreement including receipt of TDS on rental payment for three (3) months Application documents requiring company’s seal

VAT registration

VAT registration is also as important as PAN registration to understand prior to a business coming into operation.

What is VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a broad-based tax that covers the value added to each commodity by an organization/ firm at all stages of production and distribution. The VAT registration certificate is provided by the Inland Revenue Office (IRO) subsequent to VAT registration. VAT registration is denoted in the PAN certificate itself and separate certificate is not provided.