Online Company Registration

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Types of company registration

Private Company: A company with a maximum of 50 shareholders established as per the above A and a company with a single shareholder also falls under a private company.

Public Company: A company established as per the above is a company other than a private company which should have at least 7 founders and the paid up capital should be at least Rs. 10 million.

Non-Profit Company: A company established under the Companies Act, 2063 in which no dividend or any other amount is allowed to be distributed or paid to the members from the profits or savings earned for any purpose. Or Pvt. You don’t have to write words

Documents required to register a new company

An application in the format as per the ‘ANUSUCHI 1’ along with a 5 rupees stamp attached to it.

Two copies of ‘PRABANDHA PATRA’ (Article of Association).

Two copies of ‘NIYAMAWALI’ (Article of Memorandum).

A copy of the mutual agreement (if any).

Attested copies of the citizenship certificates of the founder shareholders