Bank Document Preparation for Loan processing

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Document Collection

One of the major reasons for the delay in Bank Loan processing is improper or late collection of documents. Our services ensure that the whole process of collecting documents pertaining to the mortgage loan application is completed in as short a time as possible. We can assist you while you collect all the required documents –

  • Bank Statement
  • LOC copy
  • Trace/File Naksa
  • Four Boundary of Land
  • Rajinama of Land
  • Malpot Tax receipt.
  • Audit report/salary certificate
  • Building completion certificate
  • Building Naksa

If required, we can also help with preparing all loan related document as per bank requirement.

Reviewing Documents for Compliance

We specialize in stringent document review throughout the entire process of document preparation and fulfillment. Our solution can easily deliver hundred of Bank Loan documents  related to both servicing and loss mitigation, each of which has been suitably reviewed for compliance